Why People Put Off Hair Restoration

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Your hair, eyes and smile are the first things people notice, upon meeting you for the first time. Consequently, hair can be a vital part of your self-esteem. Once the hair starts to thin, some of that self-esteem can start to dwindle. Of course, men and women would like to present a head of full and luxurious hair to the world. However, thinning hair is a natural part of the aging process. Hair restoration is a proven, permanent way to enjoy a beautiful, natural head of hair again. Still, some people put off hair restoration. Let’s look at a few of the typical reasons.

Too Expensive

A hair restoring procedure is viewed as too expensive by many people suffering with hair loss. Hair transplants are not typically covered by health insurance. Some falsely assume that the cost is not within their budget. Not only do we provide financing options to our patients, but we also provide solutions other than surgery. Many people are not ready for surgery and are great candidates for PRP, a procedure that takes less than an hour and can be considerably less than surgery.

Don’t Want to Shave

Until recently, people that were going through the hair restoration process had to get portions of their head shaved. Some people shy away from the process because they assume that is still the case. Unable to conceal the shaved areas, they believe that other people will know that they are going through the process. We are leaders in a procedure called Shaveless FUE. Shaveless Fue does not require people to shave their head. We harvest and plant the individual hairs without the need to shave, or announce to the world you are restoring your hair.

Noticeable Scars & Long Recovery

Some might assume that others will notice that they’ve made changes. However, down-time is low and people resume their normal activity without much interruption in their daily life. Scarring is minimal with our approach and there are no linear scars on the back of the head. In addition, the hair restoring process looks quite natural.

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