Hair Restoration Podcast With Dr. Daniel A. Danyo

Episode 9:
The Benefits of Direct Hair Implantation


In this episode, Dr. Danyo discusses Direct Hair Implantation, the process of placing grafts using a specialized pen-shaped tool which allows Dr. Danyo to deliver incredible results for his patients. We’ll also cover the advantages of doing DHI, and how Dr. Danyo and his team at the North Atlanta Hair Restoration have perfected the technique.

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Episode 8:
The Future of Hair Restoration


In this episode, Dr. Danyo reveals what he needs as the future of hair restoration, and covers how recent COVID19 mandates have made patient safety Dr. Danyo’s top priority. We’ll also discuss the efficient, easy and straightforward process of personalized one-on-one consultations offered by Dr. Danyo.

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Episode 7:
The Cost of Hair Restoration


In this episode, Dr. Danyo walks us through the most common questions about pricing and the cost of hair restoration. We discuss topics like ROI and differentiation of Dr. Danyo’s services. We’ll also discuss what you, the patient, should consider as you’re exploring hair restoration options for you.

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Episode 6:
The Possibilities of Hair Restoration


In this episode, Dr. Danyo explains the evolution of hair restoration, from plugs to shave-less graph procedures and everything in between.

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Episode 5:
From Consultation to Procedure


In this episode, Dr. Danyo explains why it’s essential to have a physician involved with the hair transplantation process every step of the way. From consultation, to procedure, to recovery and follow-up, he breaks down why a physician is best equipped to successfully guide your hair restoration journey.

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