Hair Restoration Podcast With Dr. Daniel A. Danyo

Episode 6:
The Possibilities of Hair Restoration


In this episode, Dr. Danyo explains the evolution of hair restoration, from plugs to shave-less graph procedures and everything in between.

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Episode 5:
From Consultation to Procedure


In this episode, Dr. Danyo explains why it’s essential to have a physician involved with the hair transplantation process every step of the way. From consultation, to procedure, to recovery and follow-up, he breaks down why a physician is best equipped to successfully guide your hair restoration journey.

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Episode 4:
Encouraging Physicians to Get Involved


In this episode, Dr. Danyo breaks down some of the misconceptions that physicians often have about hair transplantation. He encourages them to commit to hair transplantation as a specialized field — not a one-size-fits-all procedure. He also empowers potential patients to make informed decisions about who they trust with their hair treatment.

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Episode 3:
What Makes Us Different: Safety, Concealment, Results


In this episode, Dr. Danyo explains the biggest factors that set his practice apart from typical hair restoration clinics. As a licensed physician personally involved in every case, Dr. Danyo lays out the steps he takes to educate his patients, to perform safe and efficient procedures, and to give patients unparalleled results without interrupting their lives.

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Episode 2:
Leading the Hair Restoration Revolution with Shaveless FUE


Dr. Danyo dives into Shaveless FUE, an innovative hair restoration procedure that’s made his practice an international destination for those who want discreet work with immediate results. He breaks down what sets Shaveless FUE apart from traditional hair restoration techniques and explains why so few physicians specialize in a procedure that can make all the difference for patients.

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