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Is hair transplant financing available?

It certainly is, with payments as low as $200/month for hair transplants as well as PRP treatments. North Atlanta Hair Restoration works directly with the following companies.


Click on each one for more details, and to determine your monthly payment options, before actually applying. Care Credit is a flexible specialty credit card for medical-related expenses; the others offer traditional installment loans for hair transplant financing.

What does hair restoration cost?


Naturally, you’re wondering what you can expect to pay to get back your hair. But of course for customized surgical and non-surgical treatments, prices will depend on the specific procedure and quantity options that will work best for you.


How will you know your best options?


There’s no fee, and no obligation, to consult with Dr. Danyo, as he assesses your situation, and listens to what you want to achieve. You’ll then receive a personalized price sheet. Simply decide on the options, and the financial commitment, you feel comfortable with.


Does it have to be done all at once?


To make things easier on your wallet, several smaller transplant procedures over time may be a better choice for you than one large procedure. Some people even find that there’s less impact, quicker recovery, and better results with this approach.


What’s the most affordable hair restoration?


Non surgical alternatives such as PRP, Micropigmentation, and Laser Light Therapy are at the forefront of affordable hair restoration these days. You can ask at your personal consult which of these options might work best for you.

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Hair restoration may be more affordable than you think!