PRP for Hair Restoration

Picture of an injection. With a text*PRP FOR HAIR RESTORATION*

PRP, or Plasma-rich Platelet, therapy is a relatively new type of hair loss treatment utilizing a patient’s own blood. The blood is put through a centrifuge, so that the doctor or technician can withdraw a platelet-heavy portion. This is then injected back into the patient as a treatment for a specific injury, or illness.

PRP has traditionally been used to treat muscular injuries and other soft-tissue damage. The rich blood creates an environment ripe for healing. The current research is very encouraging about the potential uses and benefits. The biggest factor in the therapy’s success is that it is using the patient’s own blood, so the risk of rejection or reaction is very low.

PRP has been used “off-label” for hair restoration for some time now. The growth factors contained in the plasma stimulate growth of the follicles. There aren’t many conclusive studies, but the anecdotal evidence is strong. Many people report increased hair growth and a reduction of thinning. It is one of the most promising non-surgical procedures on the market, today.

We love PRP and encourage its use at all stages of hair restoration. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment early in the process, when the patient first notices increased fall-out. It can also be used in conjunction with laser-light therapy and surgery. Because it promotes healing, it is a great adjunct to the surgical process, as well. Using PRP before, during and/or after your surgery may increase the procedure’s effectiveness.

PRP is not a cure for hair loss. It is an effective way to support your own body’s healing process, using…your own blood. For more information on how Plasma-rich Platelet therapy can help you on your hair restoration journey, call for a free consultation or a tour of our spa-like hair restoration clinic located in Alpharetta, Georgia.