PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma

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Get Your Hair Back Without Surgery

This ‘no-downtime’ alternative to hair transplants uses your body’s natural growth factors to build density in thinning hair.

Advantages of PRP:

  • With ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’, you can go back to work and socializing the next day, with nothing for anyone to ‘notice’

  • PRP treatments are minimally invasive, with less impact than hair transplant surgery

  • PRP for hair loss is significantly less expensive than hair transplant procedures

  • Although often used alone, PRP can also be used in conjunction with a hair transplant for enhanced results

PRP Works Best for:

  • Men with thinning hair, rather than those who are completely bald


  • Women with thinning hair


  • Those with hair loss on top, rather than those seeking to improve their front hairline


  • People with medical or other conditions that would rule out hair transplant surgery



Introducing Super PRP:

North Atlanta Hair Restoration now also offers a highly concentrated version of PRP that results in better hair density than the standard concentration.

With the standard concentration, treatment needs to be repeated every 3 months. With Super PRP for hair loss, you’ll only come in for treatment every 18-24 months.

Platelets are blood cells that act as nature’s ‘healers.’ Along with associated proteins and stem cells, platelets from your own blood can be re-inserted into your scalp to stimulate hair growth by…


  • Strengthening existing hair follicles and thickening ‘miniaturized’ shafts of hair
  • Activating dormant hair follicles and improving blood flow
  • Restoring damaged tissue and creating a healing environment


  • No ‘after care’ needed; you can shower and shampoo as soon you want
  • Some people notice slight redness and/or swelling right after a PRP procedure

  • PRP takes about three months to show visible results

  • No artificial chemicals are injected – only elements of your body’s own blood plasma

  • With this increasingly popular cutting-edge technique, long-term results are still being studied. But according to those initial studies, 95% see acceptable growth, with 80% reporting significant growth. The variation in results is due to general health, genetics and other factors.
  • Note that PRP is not a permanent solution for adding hair, as only hair transplants are. But PRP can effectively help halt or slow the hair loss process. At a follow-up appointment later, we’ll see how you’re responding, and determine next steps.

The result? Wispy hair on the top of the scalp turns thicker, for more overall volume, with less scalp showing. In many cases, if we strengthen your hair follicles before they’re gone, a hair transplant may not be necessary.

The Procedure:

  • We start by drawing blood from your arm, which is put in a centrifuge to separate the platelets.
  • A local ‘numbing’ anesthetic is used to reduce any discomfort, similar to a dentist.
  • The doctor then injects the plasma into multiple spots on your scalp (15-20 minutes)
  • People sometimes report a slight ‘prickling’ sensation during the procedure

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