PRP Possibilities

a women with her eyes getting covered by her hair with the text,

What if I told you your hair could be thicker? What if I told you we can start the process in an afternoon? What if I told you there were almost no known side effects? Would you believe me? If you didn’t, you would miss out on one of the best weapons against hair loss…PRP. PRP is a cutting-edge procedure named for the Platelet-rich Plasma that is harvested from the patient’s own blood.


Once the Platelet-rich Plasma has been extracted and processed, it is injected into the scalp. The plasma delivers nutrients directly to the vicinity of the hair follicles. This stimulates the area and is showing fantastic results in promoting healing after hair transplants and as a stand-alone treatment to stem hair loss. If you are seeing the first signs of hair loss, you may want to consider a PRP treatment.


You will want to take the afternoon off from work. While PRP treatments are minimally invasive, some patients will take a mild sedative before the treatment. If you think this might benefit you, talk to the doctor about it during your consultation. The doctor, or a tech, will draw your blood. It will then be processed in a centrifuge and the plasma withdrawn. The injection site will be discussed during your consultation, although there might be adjustments during the procedure.


There isn’t much in the way of side effects, but there might be some slight redness or swelling. This should be minimal by the time you return to work. You probably won’t see the effects right away. The benefits build over time, but you may see results in as quickly as a month or two, when the new cycle of hair comes in. We would love to talk to you about the possibilities.