Removing the Stigma from Hair Restoration

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In years past, a negative stigma was associated with hair restoration procedures. However, recent awareness of hair loss and the innovative ways to treat it have helped erase some of that. Perhaps one of the most significant reasons why more and more people are beginning to be more accepting of hair restoration procedures is because an increasing number of celebrities are beginning to undergo restoration procedures for hair loss and are willing to share their experiences with the public.

Celebrity Influence

For instance, English professional football player, Wayne Rooney, tweeted about his hair transplant, which prompted more men to be more confident in undergoing such a procedure. Likewise, notable celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, John Travolta, Jude Law and even Kevin Costner are rumored to have all undergone hair transplants, making them look years younger.

Innovative New Procedures

Part of the rise in hair transplants and restoration procedures can also be attributed to new innovations in the industry. New breakthrough technologies like the Shave-less FUE procedure have made it so that hair transplant procedures provide patients with more benefits without many of the previous side effects. For instance, the Shave-less FUE procedure makes it so that there’s no need to shave the head, and it doesn’t give patients the linear scar that the transplants of previous years did.

Just Like Any Other Procedure

Another reason why part of the stigma associated with hair transplant procedures is lessening is due to an increased understanding and acceptance that a hair transplant surgery is just like any other type of surgical procedure. People aren’t embarrassed to admit when they undergo any other type of surgical procedure. Why should they feel embarrassed to do so when they undergo one to restore their hair?

Improvement in Overall Health

There’s never anything wrong with taking measures to improve oneself, and improving one’s appearance can have significant positive effects on one’s overall health. For instance, because of an improved appearance, you’re likely to feel more confident in your own skin, which affects your mental, emotional and psychological health, all of which affect your motivation to attend to your physical health.

If you’ve been considering undergoing a hair transplant but have put it off for fear of a possible social stigma, don’t do so any longer. Not only is the social impact lessening, but it could improve your overall health and your quality of life.