ACell (by MatriStem) Hair Restoration Treatment

ACell is a new and exciting treatment that we are very pleased to offer at North Atlanta Hair Restoration. It offers another alternative for our clients who are suffering from male or female patterned balding (Alopecia). ACell is a natural biologic agaent. It is injected superficially into the areas of the scalp that need more abundant hair.ACell has also been used in other scopes of medicine throughout the years including healing after surgery with minimal side effects and excellent supporting data.

  • Stimulates hair growth and regeneration by stimulating cell activity to produce new tissue.
  • ACell chemically jump starts the process to activate the stem cells needed for hair grown and health.
  • We often combine the Platelet Rich Therapy in conjunction with the ACell to promote hair growth.
  • Each human being is unique. There are never any guarantees that what will work for one client will work for another. However, the combination of PRP and ACell therapy. The growing evidence and support within the hair restoration community reveals that many people see benefits, and likely approached between 50-75% with noticeable and significant hair growth and volume increase.

The process: An initial evaluation will give Dr. Danyo an indication if you are right for this procedure. The best candidates for this procedure do not have bald patches. They have generalizing thinning of the hair . The ACell procedure takes approx. 15 to 25 minutes. Up to an hour if you combine with PRP.

We do recommend oral sedation for the procedure, and we also apply topical lidocaine, and possible ring and nerve blocks to further anesthetize your scalp and make your experience comfortable and relaxing…

Side effects are low, but some clients report local tenderness after the procedure. Those who have a hypersensitivity or immune reaction to pork products are not candidate for ACell injection therapy. Overall results can take up to 4-6 moths and the treatment can be repeated. The earliest results are seen at 8 weeks post injection.

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