Shave-less FUE + SmartGraft = A Revolution in Hair Restoration

Man running at the seashore with the text, *SMARTGRAFT PLUS SHAVE-LESS FUE*

There is something remarkable happening at North Atlanta Hair Restoration. Our practice is one of the only practices in the country offering Shave-less FUE. We are the first in Georgia to offer SmartGraft. We are the only clinic in the country offering the two together. Both of these techniques are cutting edge in hair restoration technology. Used together, the results can be amazing. A procedure that is fast, with almost no discomfort, and no need to shave the scalp gives our clients a fantastic new option to rejuvenate their appearance without anyone knowing what they’ve done.

The Common Way

In typical hair transplantation scenarios, the donor and recipient areas of the head are shaved, in order to have better access to the scalp. The downside of this is glaring. Unless you want to shave your head, it is going to be pretty obvious you have had a procedure. This can lead to unpleasant looks and unwanted questions from your friends and family. The procedure can also be time-consuming, as each step: harvesting, storing, and transplantation had to be performed separately, often requiring multiple staff members.

What is Shave-less FUE?

With Shave-less FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the hair around the follicles that are extracted and transplanted remain intact. The donor follicles are cut short and the entire follicular unit is pulled out and implanted directly in the recipient area. The upside is profound. Not only is there no need to shave areas of your head, but the donor follicles can be taken from a wider area, reducing the risk that the donor area will be over-harvested.

What is SmartGraft?

SmartGraft is a state-of-the-art transplantation device that combines the steps of the transplantation procedure into one smooth, seamless process.  in one motion the doctor is able to go into the donor area and easily core, pull and store the hair using a sharp rotating punch connected to a negative pressure air system. A local anesthetic is used, so there is no discomfort. The graft is automatically transferred to a refrigerated holding cup – this improves graft survival since it decreases the amount of touching on the graft, since the next time the crap will be touch will be to actually place the graft. We were previously having to core, later find, manually pool and place in a holding solution. The common way of doing this was time-consuming and limited the amount of grafts that could actually be extracted and added much time to the procedure.

There are two main benefits using SmartGraft. One is it can cut the time it takes to perform a procedure almost by a third, in some cases. That is less time in the seat for the patient and a streamlined process for the doctor. The second is the harvest to transplantation success rate can be much higher. The more extended the process is, the greater likelihood that the donor follicles can be damaged. SmartGraft makes is easier to complete the process in less time, with greater success.

A Winning Combination

When you combine Shave-less FUE with SmartGraft, you get the best of both worlds. A seamless process leaves your surrounding hair intact. You get a great result with less time and keep the hair you still have. Best yet, with such minimal downtime no one needs to know you’ve had anything done. For more information, give us a call or fill out our contact form.