Shave-less FUE


Get Back to Work and Play Quickly After Your Hair Transplant

Since you won’t have to shave your head, one will know but you. Welcome to the Shaveless FUE specialists.

Advantages of Shaveless FEU Transplants:

  • ‘FUE’ (Follicular Unit Extraction) transplants don’t depend on the surgical removal of a strip of scalp, but traditionally require shaving all or part of the head. But not any more!


  • Although North Atlanta Hair Restoration also offers traditional FUE transplants, most men and women here choose the Shaveless FUE, because shaving their head simply isn’t an option.


  • After the procedure, your existing hair will cover the transplanted follicles. In a couple of days, any tell-tale signs will be gone, and friends and co-workers won’t notice you’ve had hair restoration.

Shaveless FUE Transplants Work Best for:

  • Those who have been putting off hair restoration because of the head-shaving requirement


  • Those with an active work and social life, who can’t afford a lot of downtime


  • Women, for whom having to shave their head is a deal-breaker


  • Men who want to improve a receding hairline


Relax comfortably during your procedure, listening to your choice of music. You’ll be awake the whole time, with a local anesthetic to numb your scalp.


The doctor will carefully trim and extract small groups of follicles from the thick hair on the back and sides of the head.


Then those grafts will be implanted into the thinning areas up top, using technical as well as artistic skills to blend the new hair in with the hair you already have.


Adding grafts to the front hairline, if needed, requires a special ‘feathering’ technique to make it look like your natural hair


Dr. Danyo uses highly precise extraction and implanting tools, for healthy, viable transplanted grafts and minimal scabbing, compared to the traditional approach of using medical scalpels


  • Two or more transplant procedures may be necessary to achieve your long-term goals
  • You can expect transplanted hair to start growing in about 3 months
  • You’ll generally see a satisfactory improvement in hair density in 6 to 12 months
  • Any bumps, swelling, redness or tiny scabs from the transplant will be gone in a few days
  • Shaveless FUE costs slightly more than a traditional FUE transplant procedure
  • Certain existing health factors may indicate that a hair transplant is not a viable option


Other clinics have introduced this technically challenging new method as a side offering. However those looking for an experienced Shaveless FUE specialist have sought out Dr. Danyo at North Atlanta Hair Restoration due to his reputation as an innovative leader in the field.


Depending on the amount and rate of hair loss, and your personal goals, you can choose a small, medium or large size transplant session. Ask about the benefits of several smaller sessions vs. one large session.

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