SMP – Scalp Micro-Pigmentation


A Surprisingly Simple Solution

A series of tiny ‘tattoo dots’ help conceal balding areas. No one will notice anything except the appearance of more hair.

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation:

  • This increasingly popular scalp-hiding approach makes you look better immediately, with no tell-tale signs, so you can return to work the next day


  • These medical-grade tattoo dots are among the least invasive types of hair restoration, with no after-effects or downtime


  • For just a few hundred dollars, you can do something about the hair up top that keeps getting thinner. Men and women are amazed by the improvement in the before-and-after photos

  • Although often used by itself, Scalp Micropigmentation is also sometimes applied after a transplant procedure for an even better overall appearance

Scalp Micropigmentation Works Best for:

  • Men with thinning hair, rather than those who are completely bald


  • Women with thinning hair, who are seeking a simpler solution than a hair transplant


  • Those with hair loss on top, rather than those seeking to improve their front hairline


  • Bald men who prefer the ‘shaved head’ look. Tiny dots on top will now match the appearance of shaved stubble on the sides and back


  • Those who want to hide scars or scalp defects, including ‘strip scars’ from previous FUT transplants


The doctor and his trained medical team carefully place thousands of tiny tattoo dots just below the epidermis (outer layer of skin)


By varying the contour, depth, pigment and distribution of dots, they appear as natural hair follicles


Over the next week or so, the dots tend to visually ‘soften’ for a subtle, natural look of increased hair density. Others don’t notice the dots – they just notice less scalp showing through


  • No ‘after care’ needed; you can shower and shampoo whenever you want
  • The results are immediate – no waiting for hair to grow in

  • Micropigmention dots fade after three to five years, at which point the procedure is repeated

  • Scalp micropigmentation is safe, and is performed under sterile medical conditions

Between one and three sessions are typically required to obtain the desired results

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