A Different Kind of Spa Afternoon

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Have you ever desired a different kind of spa afternoon? Instead of pedicures and manicures, some women visit a medical clinic for a different kind of self-care. They opt to leave work a little early and indulge in an innovative treatment known as PRP, or Platelet-rich Plasma, to assist with hair loss. These women prefer platelet therapy due to its minimally invasive properties that promote healthy, thick hair using their body’s own cells.

Healing at a Cellular Level

Platelet-rich plasma contains a particular kind of cell known as platelets. These cells are already within the human body. They also contain properties of healing. It is known that platelets are formed in large numbers when someone has a wound or injury. Platelet therapy uses the healing properties to help heal the hair follicles that are damaged. Since hair follicle damage can happen at a cellular level, PRP helps hasten the production of cells that assist with hair follicle restoration.

Non-Invasive and No Serious Side Effects

The Platelet Serum is made utilizing the blood of the patient, and it is spun around within a centrifuge. When this occurs, the platelet plasma collects on one side of the tube. This is the most nutrient dense portion of the blood, and then the PRP serum is then inserted into the scalp of the patient using a very tiny needle. Treatment usually takes about an hour, and since it is non-invasive with no surgery involved, the patient can be back to work the next day. Since the patient’s blood plasma is used for the serum, the body readily accepts the hair growth serum and allows it to work on the scalp to boost hair growth. Research has shown that concentrated amounts of platelet plasma have a stronger healing potential than platelets that are spread out, which explains why the human body releases platelets in massive quantities to an injury site when a human is wounded.

Advantages of Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss

Ultimately, Platelet-rich plasma therapy has many advantages. First, it doesn’t require any invasive surgery. Treatment is relatively fast, with no serious side effects. Hair restorative and recovery processes are seen within a relatively short amount of time, and patients can enjoy hair that is stronger and healthier than before. If you are ready for your spa afternoon, click our “book now” button and schedule your free consultation. Our booking app works 24/7, so you don’t have to wait.