Stealth Hair Restoration

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The days of having to shave your head to achieve hair restoration are coming to a close. It is no longer necessary for everyone to know you’ve had a procedure. We offer several levels of intervention that are almost totally concealable. These interventions are at the cutting-edge of modern hair restoration science.

Interventions we offer

Super PRP – We have become the go-to clinic for PRP in the North Atlanta area. We have recently moved from the classic 4-6 series of PRP to one super-dose. Instead of having to take time out of your schedule for repeated injections, we can now give you the growth promoting power punch in just one visit.

Discreet Hair Transplants

Shave-less FUEFollicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is probably the most popular form of hair transplant. The follicle units are individually harvested and implanted, without the need to remove a portion of the scalp, leaving a linear scar. Most practitioners of FUE only offer a version where the scalp is shaved, making the procedure faster and easier for the doctor. NAHR is one of the biggest promoters of Shave-less FUE. This version of FUE does not require the scalp to be shaved, at all.

PRP, by its very nature, is not a procedure that announces itself to others. You might have some redness and minimal swelling, but most patients find that no attention is given to them, except when the results come in. With the Shave-less FUE, you don’t leave the clinic with shaved patches. No one needs to know you’ve had a procedure, unless you choose to tell them, or they notice your new hair. We’d love to talk with you about what is possible. Give us a call, or use our booking app, which is available 24/7.