Taking the First Step Towards Thicker Hair

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If you’ve ever bent over to tie your shoes and felt self-conscious about how the top of your head looks, you understand the appeal of affordable hair restoration options. Once you get to the point of taking the first step, knowing which direction to go can be overwhelming. Do you need surgery, or is there another option? You’ve heard that injection people get for tennis elbow can now regrow hair. What’s up with that? Are you even a candidate for either of these?

Where to Turn for Hair Restoration?

The first step is to get evaluated by a medical professional specializing in hair restoration. Our medical director, Daniel A. Danyo, M.D. is one of less than 400 doctors certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. It is an elite group of physicians with a documented commitment to providing the highest levels of care. Dr. Danyo will personally consult with you to determine your ideal treatment plan.

What is Shave-less FUE?

If you need hair transplants, we offer a special approach. Many clinics practice a form of hair restoration that requires shaving the head and leaves a big, linear scar. Not us. We specialize in a technique called Shave-less FUE. With this procedure, the hairs are removed in individual units and placed without having to shave the surrounding areas. It isn’t a very common procedure, because it takes a lot of endurance. But, Dr. Danyo is an Iron Man, and doesn’t take the common path. Yes, it is a more difficult procedure (for the doctor), but we think the benefits to the patient are worth it!

PRP for Hair Loss

Not everyone is a candidate for hair restoration surgery, but almost everyone with thinning hair can benefit from PRP. Platelet-rich Plasma injections use your body’s own cells to stimulate growth and volume. It first gained notoriety as a treatment for tennis elbow. Further research uncovered its usefulness as a hair restoration option. It is especially effective as a booster to hair restoration surgery.

What is Right for You?

Can you imagine a scenario where you get a consultation with a world leader in hair restoration, along with a personalized treatment plan…all for free? If you decide you want to move forward with treatment, there are several financing options to make the procedure more accessible. This doesn’t have to be difficult. Just take the first step. We are excited to show you what’s possible. Give us a call, or if you don’t like the phone, we have a booking app you can use anytime of the day or night. We look forward to seeing you.