What do Tennis Elbow and Hair Restoration Have in Common?

Hurt man looking at his elbow.

As the temporary creatures we are, we tend to wear out with age and use. Illness and injury can speed up that process dramatically. Tennis elbow and hair loss seem to be totally unrelated. Tennis elbow is a sports-related injury. Hair loss has many potential causes, from illness to good-ole Father Time. What ties them together? They can both be treated with PRP.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich Plasma, or PRP, is an injectable therapy that uses your body’s blood. It is withdrawn and then processed via centrifuge. The plasma from the blood is incredibly rich in growth factors and other immune factors that stimulate healing to promote growth and healing of tissues. It can be injected into multiple places in the body, including the scalp.

PRP for Tennis Elbow

Lateral Epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, is a repetitive stress injury of the tendons surrounding the elbow joint. Most cases of tennis elbow can be resolved with the rest from the offending motion and time. However, persistent cases deliver consistent pain and aggravation to the sufferer. For those patients, cortisone shots, and eventually surgery may seem like the only answers.

In 2006, Dr. Allan Mishra, of Stanford University, began using PRP to treat sports-related injuries, specifically tennis elbow. He had stunning results. The most compelling factor, apart from the efficacy, is there are almost no side effects, since he was using the body’s own cells. Since then, PRP has been used in a wide array of applications, from Sciatica to hair loss.

PRP for Hair Loss

Since its initial success with tennis elbow, PRP’s applications have continued to grow. Almost immediately upon seeing clinical results, the hair restoration community began to implement the injections as a therapy to stem hair loss and promote hair growth. There have been many studies, like this one, that have confirmed what clinicians saw in their practices.

The Future of PRP

North Atlanta Hair Restoration is constantly on the cutting edge of proven hair restoration. We are now offering a new variation of PRP. Our Super-Concentrated PRP is similar to classic PRP, but it contains a much higher concentration of platelets. Instead of a series of injections, only one is needed. Research is showing promising results in promoting rapid growth and healing.

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