The Psychology of Hair Loss


Is Your Hair Loss Affecting Your Self-Esteem?



“A sense of despair.” – These are quotes from men regarding the feelings they had when they realized they were losing their hair. These were found in an online forum dedicated to hair loss. I won’t reveal which one, to further protect their anonymity, but you could just pick any of them and you would hear much of the same thing. The sentiment is fairly universal. Many women feel the same way about their hair loss. Discovering thinning hair can lead to loss of self-esteem, withdrawal from social activities, and depression. If you are depressed, please speak to your physician about possible treatment. Depression can have devastating affects on you and your family. With such terrible consequences, we need to get serious about two things, removing the stigma from hair loss and removing the stigma from hair restoration.

Bald Can be Beautiful

Maybe one day we will live in a society where thinning hair is seen as a sign of maturity and desirable. That day will probably not come in our lifetimes, but perhaps we can start being kinder to ourselves. A revolution begins with just one person. You may have heard unkind words about your hair. Have you begun saying unkind things to yourself? Just because you don’t have the hair you once did, doesn’t mean you are less of a person. It just means you have less hair. That’s it. The rest is only the perception of others. The severity of any hair loss induced depression may be exacerbated by negative self-talk. This affects your confidence, which further diminishes how others perceive you. You can stop this vicious cycle by being aware of how kind you are being to yourself with your self-talk. BUT, the perception of others is a real thing we deal with, so that brings us to….

A Restored Hairline is Beautiful

Hair restoration can be a solution not only for thinning hair, but the perception problem you may be facing in your social life. Many of our clients say their self-esteem problems lessened when their new hair grew in. Let’s face it. Your hair frames your face. A youthful hairline give the appearance of a younger face. What if the face in the mirror matched the person you feel you are inside? How would you feel if you looked 10 years younger? Probably pretty awesome, right? What if you didn’t feel self-conscious when you bent over and others could see your crown? What if you could get rid of that ball cap for good? Modern hair transplants offer that possibility.

Even though hair restorations have come a long way and solve a complicated physical and potentially psychological issue, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding getting a hair transplant. It is our mission to get rid of that stigma once and for all. Our medical director, Daniel A. Danyo, M.D. has had two hair transplant procedures. When you come in for your free consultation, ask him to show you his personal before and after pictures. Astonishing. Telling his personal story is one way Dr. Danyo is lifting the veil from the process. Another way, is making it easy for his patients to get transplants with as much concealment, as possible. Our Shaveless FUE hair transplant procedure provides near-permanent results, without the need to shave any part of your head. It is a different conversation when your friends find out you’ve had hair restoration when they see your hair growing in, as opposed to seeing shaved patches. The questions turn from “why would you do that?”, to “how can I get that, too?”

If you are ready to see what hair restoration could do for you, give us a call or self-book your free consultation using our online booking app. We can’t wait to see you.