The Reality of an Amazing Transformation

Top view of a scalp with hair problem.

The Reality of an Amazing Transformation

by Daniel A. Danyo, MD


Hair transplantation and modern hair restoration techniques are becoming more mainstream and the public’s interest about it is exploding. Just ask Brian Urlacher, former linebacker of the Chicago Bears who used to be the epitome of a man bearing a cleanly-shaven head. Wait a minute, did I just write the words “used to be.” Indeed, because last month he revealed to the world a new look – a full head of his own permanent hair. Months prior to that, Brian had undergone hair transplantation. The TV and social media went wild.

So what made a man that was so epitomized by the look of his shaved head choose to undergo hair transplantation. Better yet, why was there so much media attention and chatter on social websites discussing his dramatic change. Well, without sounding too much like a cliché – with modern day hair restoration techniques performed on many, the possible is now a reality.

Brian’s desire to have hair transplantation to reverse his severe hair loss was directly related to the reality of an amazing transformation. The public did not view this transformation with shame, but applauded the results.

The hair restoration industry for the past several years has undergone dramatic change and innovation. Apart from hair transplantation, Stem Cell activation therapies such as platelet rich plasma injection therapy offer more options to restore one’s hair.

Modern techniques do not give the appearance of visible plugs or doll’s hair – we now transplant single hairs or follicle groupings which deliver a natural is all.

Though I did not do Brian’s hair transplantation, I have been privileged to work on similar individuals, who experienced similar results.  Their main reason for going forward with often times large cases is based on the fact that the possibility is now a reality for their hair to be naturally restored.