Top Questions Answered About PRP

Top Questions Answered About PRP

In this episode, Dr. Danyo talks about Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Therapy and its benefits for hair restoration. As a practitioner at the forefront of this technique, he and his team are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the treatment.

What is PRP Injection Therapy?

The PRP Injection Therapy process at North Atlanta Hair Restoration involves drawing blood from your arm and spinning it in a specialized centrifuge to separate out concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Dr. Danyo then strategically injects small amounts of this PRP into lots of different sites on the scalp. He also does some micro-needling alongside it.

The combined process signals to the body that it needs to heal, then harnesses the body’s natural regenerative ability to stimulate new hair growth. 

How Does PRP Help Restore Lost Hair?

Dr. Danyo describes platelets as the paramedics of your immune system. They signal to your body that it’s time to heal and provide the mechanism for the process.

Platelet-rich plasma is widely used as a therapeutic throughout medicine, so it is very well-studied.

One thing they’ve learned is that the more concentrated the platelets, the more they activate healing and growth factors.

For hair restoration, this means that more concentrated PRP can better stimulate hair follicles for more robust growth.

That’s why Dr. Danyo uses a Harvest centrifuge that can extract super-concentrated PRP.

This concentrated PRP has more than 100 growth factors to jump-start healing and activate new growth in areas with hair loss.

Who Can Benefit From PRP Treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can spur significant hair growth in the right patients, but it doesn’t work consistently for everyone.

About a third of patients will see great growth from PRP injection therapy.

Another third will see some growth, but not quite as much as they want.

The treatment is not well-suited for patients with non-viable hair follicles, total hair loss or advanced balding.

Interested in Finding Out More About Platelet-Rich Plasma or Other Therapies for Hair Loss?

A consultation will help Dr. Danyo assess whether PRP treatment is a good choice for you.

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