Unshaven FUE

Men startled covering his mouth. With text*UNSHAVEN FUE NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW*

What is Unshaven FUE?

Commonly referred to as Shave-less FUE, the Unshaven FUE method of hair restoration is based on moving healthy hair follicles from one donor area to a recipient area, in another place on the scalp. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, which means the actual hair follicles are removed and transplanted into the thinning area. There are numerous reasons why the Unshaven FUE method is preferred by those experiencing hair loss, and its popularity as a treatment is only going to continue evolving as more patients discover the benefits of such a comprehensive hair loss solution.

  1. No Shaving

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Unshaven FUE technique is that it requires no shaving, as the name suggests. Older, more common hair restoration methods require areas of the head to be shaved in order for the treatment to be administered, which often prevents patients from moving forward with the procedure. They fear the social repercussions of shaving their head, especially women trying to avoid drawing attention to their hair loss. The Unshaven FUE method allows a fully effective form of hair restoration for your hair without having to shave the existing hair. This method provides:

  • Additional Confidence
  • Inconspicuous Treatment
  • Quicker Return to Normality
  1. Fast Recovery Time

The Unshaven FUE procedure has one of the shortest recovery times of any hair loss treatment. Concealment is key and the Unshaven FUE addresses one if the main reasons why someone who hold off from getting a hair transplant – they simply do not want anyone to know that a hair transplant was done. The doctor will remove hairs from the donor region in a procedure that requires a high degree of stamina and skill on the part of the medical professional. After the follicles have been collected, the hairs are removed from them, leaving the root intact within the follicle. Those follicles are embedded in the skin around the recipient area. Once the minimal swelling and redness is gone, there are no remaining signs that any procedure was done at all.

  1. Your Own Real Hair

One of the strongest appeals of the Unshaven FUE procedure is that it uses your own hair to supplement the thinning areas on your scalp. That means the hair will be a perfect match, both for color and texture. Once the implanted follicles have healed, they will start to produce hair that is indistinguishable from the surrounding hair. Within a year, depending on the amount of grafts, the entire balding area should be covered with thick, natural hair. The interesting thing about such a gradual regrowth is that most other people don’t notice the new hair until it is well grown in. The hair regrows at exactly the same rate as your natural hair, which means it can be taken care of and styled exactly as if it were the natural hair that already existed in that location. No other hair restoration procedure is as comprehensive, effective, natural, and inconspicuous as the Unshaven FUE method.