Update on the Shave-less FUE

Update on the Shave-less FUE

By Daniel A. Danyo, M.D.

One of the draw backs to traditional hair transplant with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has been the dreaded “buzz-cut.”  Up until a few years ago, FUE required the patient to at least have the donor site shaved to a zero guard with an electric shaver and in most cases the need for the same in the balding (recipient) areas.

Many people chose not to have a hair replacement procedure done because they couldn’t afford to have their head shaved, since it did not fit into their busy work and social schedule.  The Shaven FUE approach also exposes others to the fact that a hair transplant was recently completed and for many that was simply unacceptable.

There is a better way and it is revolutionizing our practice approach – “The Shave-less FUE.”  Instead of shaving the head, the donor and recipient sites are left at a typical length.  The procedure works like this:

  1. Trim each individual hair follicle to be harvested from the donor area is with a scissor under magnification, while the other are left at their natural length.
  2. Extract the follicles using a coring device while working around the longer hair.
  3. Place the hair in the balding area using a Pen Implanter to easily work around existing hair.
  4. Patients leave the office with minimal evidence that a hair transplant case was completed.
  5. Many return to work and social activites within a day or two feeling confident that others won’t see that a hair transplant case was performed.

Over the past two years, North Atlanta Hair Restoration has focused on perfecting a Shave-less FUE technique to meet the demands of people on the go. Since introducing this technique into our practice two years ago, over 50% of our patients undergoing FUE procedures have it performed through a Shave-less FUE technique.  We can now perform the Shave-less FUE approach on our female patients – they are extremely relieved to know that no part of their scalp is shaved!

North Atlanta Hair Restoration happens to be one of the only hair restoration offices in the country offering a Shave-less FUE procedure.