What is Vain About Hair Restoration?

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Researchers are making huge strides in combating hair loss. A condition that affects millions of people, this is giving hope to people who may feel like they must live with poor hair health. Regardless of whether the patients are male or female, the result of losing one’s hair can be devastating. Like other illnesses or diseases, it can cause many other health issues. Depression is a common effect of hair loss. Low self-esteem is another. It is normal for doctors to treat the mental health aspect, but very little attention is given to the overall reason for the depressed mood.


Thinning hair, and loss of hair are both medical conditions that need to have the same energy devoted towards its treatment as any other. Many people shy away from hair restoration because they feel it is a vanity procedure. Getting treatment could possibly alleviate the need for depression medication and will restore the self-esteem that was once lost. If you could improve your mood and quality of life, wouldn’t you do it?


Some do. The procedure didn’t make them that way. They were that way before they lost their hair. The truth is your personality doesn’t dictate your need for hair restoration. The health of your scalp and hair does. Because the stigma of hair surgery is still common, we strive to make it as private a procedure, as possible. We offer a hair transplant procedure called Shave-less FUE. Our medical director, Daniel A. Danyo M.D., personally extracts and places all grafts. He works around your existing hair to avoid having to shave portions of your head, or leave a linear scar. Downtime is minimized and your return to work and social activities is rather quick.


We definitely don’t think hair restoration is something to be ashamed of. However, we do understand it is a private decision that you may not want to advertise. Our entire business model is designed for your maximum comfort and privacy. Many times, no one outside the patient’s family knows they have had a procedure, until their hair grows in. We’d love for you to come in and see what is possible for you.