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We are specialists in doing follicular unit extraction, which is a type of hair transplant that involves taking one follicle or one hair at a time. We do medical management, including platelet-rich plasma injection therapy, and aesthetic management, including scalp micropigmentation.

We have an experienced staff that also assists with my work, which is total involvement with patient care. My business is patient-focused, so everything that we do is driven on the needs of the patient.

I entered the field of hair restoration in 2012. My brother, who’s a plastic surgeon, suggested that I look into performing actual hair transplants. After taking a course, I found my new love in medicine, which is hair restoration. It is very technical, and it’s difficult to do, but after years of practice, we have perfected it.

We recently received the Best of North Atlanta Award for our practice in hair restoration, certified through the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons, and also a member of an elite group of hair transplant surgeons from around the world called the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

My tip for new patients is to bring all their questions. We’re happy to help in answer those questions, and you’ll be meeting with somebody who specializes in hair restoration, and the great thing is that it’s a free consultation. We have a very high percentage of success, and that’s driven by our commitment to the patient, and the fine details in both medical and surgical hair restoration.