What Causes Stigma?


Have you experienced stigma?

Living in today’s world is tough. It seems that everybody is examined under a microscope these days. There is a lot of tension between “seemingly’ opposing groups of people. Closed-minded people dismiss different worldviews without asking themselves why they believe what they believe. A certain belief that society holds around a situation that is considered embarrassing or disgraceful is called a stigma, and these beliefs don’t even need to be necessarily true. This is why these stigmas can be dangerous. Stigma and discrimination go hand in hand.

So why do we have stigmas?

This is probably because as humans, it is easier to go with the mentality and beliefs of the majority as opposed to standing up for our unique beliefs. This may be rooted deep in humanities past when an exile from the tribe meant almost certain death. It takes a very strong individual to stand up against discrimination and dismiss these stigmas as nothing more than poppycock. The people who take this bold step often face backlash and ridicule, that is why most people just avoid conflict. For the few who dare to stand up against discrimination and preconceived stigmas, they often are rewarded with a deeper understanding of human motivation and freedom from living to please others.

Are you embarrassed to talk about hair restoration?

When men reach a certain age, one part of the natural aging process is thinning hair. Some rock the look, some choose to shave it down, and some decide to get hair restoration. Because of the inferiority of procedures of long ago, hair restoration became stigmatized. People who got the procedure were considered desperate to hold onto their youth, because the look was not natural, at all. Today, hair transplants have become almost indistinguishable from native hair. Even though the look is great, the stigma remains because people still remember the bad hair plugs that looked like doll hair.

Our Mission is to Remove the Stigma from Hair Restoration

We believe bald is beautiful, but so is a restored hairline. We help men and women regain the hair of their youth and reinvigorate their self-esteem. We believe so strongly in the overall life-enhancing benefits of hair restoration, we’ve made it our mission to help remove the stigma. As you can tell, stigmas are nothing more than a faulty set of beliefs held by uninformed or close-minded people. The stigma of getting a hair transplant procedure is from a false narrative and does not have any place in our society. The best advice one can give is to just always be yourself and be sure to stand up for what you believe in. Instead of going along with the crowd, stop and think to yourself, “Is this what I actually feel or believe?” If the answer is “no”, then it is a fine opportunity to exit your comfort zone and break away from the pack.

We’d love the opportunity to show you what is possible. While we look forward to a day when no one cares, we’ve made our procedures so stealthy no one should know unless you want to tell them, or they see your hair grow in. Call or book now and take those first steps to a new reflection in the mirror.