What Is . . . Laser Light Therapy?

red and light blue laser light with the text,

If the word “laser” makes you think of Dr. Evil and Austin Powers duking it out for world domination then we are about to open up a whole new world of lasers for you!

About Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy was approved by the FDA in 2007 for the treatment of alopecia in men. The approval for women came a little later in 2009.

This therapy is non-UV and non-radiation. It uses two wavelengths of light – red and green. Laser light therapy can be effective for improvement of the number or density of follicles, thickness of individual hair shaft diameter, and can restore dormant follicles into an active growth stage.

How Often Is Laser Light Therapy?

Most of the time you can stick with the standard schedule, which is twice a week for 25 minute sessions for the first six weeks, then cutting back to twice a month for 3 to 6 months.

Once you get to the maintenance stage you can come in just once a month. We have noticed better results with more frequent sessions though.

All sessions take place in our spa-like office, and our staff makes you feel nice and comfortable during your session.

How Does Laser Light Therapy Work?

All you have to do is sit or lie down, whichever is more comfortable for you. Then we get to work!

Highly trained staff will apply the laser light source while you simply relax. The procedure is painless and does not require any down time, loss of work or change to your social plans. Typically you’ll see results after three months, and maintenance sessions are required to see long term results.

Laser light therapy can be used by itself or in conjunction with hair restoration surgery. We recommend it following hair restoration therapy because it promotes early growth and survival of the transplanted hairs.

How Does Laser Light Therapy Help Women?

Women are excellent candidates for Laser light therapy before having hair restoration surgery. The therapy can help to prevent the shedding of follicles after surgery (which is much more common in women compared to men). It is also an effective tool when used alone to improve density/ decreased shedding.

Are you ready to get started with laser light therapy? Give us a call and get your free consultation scheduled today!