What is… Shaveless FUE?

What is Shaveless FUE

Many people who are concerned about their thinning hair or bald spots shy away from hair restoration because they might have to shave their head, or have awkward strips missing. But that’s not the case anymore.

One of the latest options that doesn’t require shaving is called Shaveless Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Shaveless FUE means you no longer have to deal with all or parts of your hair being shaved before the procedure.

Hiding the Procedure

Shaveless FUE means that follicle extraction can be spread out throughout the hair instead of being taken from one specific area. It helps to hide the procedure so no one has to know. You can go back to work and your active lifestyle with very little, if any, down time.

Not Commonly Available

The Shaveless FUE procedure is much more time consuming, technically difficult and requires an artistic eye. Because of this, many hair restoration clinics don’t even offer this option to their clients.

Shaveless FUE involves meticulously trimming random hairs in the donor site and leaving the other hairs long enough to conceal the donor area. A trimmed hair grouping is separated and later pulled for implantation.

Typically, other hairs at the recipient site are left at their normal length and the transplanted hair follicles are placed in between the existing hair. This way the hair can be combed in such a way that the transplant sites are concealed during the healing process.

Great for Women

This procedure is perfect for women who typically wear their hair long and don’t want to have to shave any part of it.

North Atlanta Hair Restoration is proud to offer this Shaveless FUE option to our clients. We see this as becoming the standard of care for patients with an active lifestyle.

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