What Kind of Doctors Treat Hair Loss?

What kind of doctors treat hair loss

If you are researching hair loss and hair restoration, where do you start? Many people start researching certain procedures. There are quite a few to choose from. You can go WAY down the rabbit hole with that. While we encourage lots of research before making a choice, there may be a better way than spending lots of late nights with Google.

A medical evaluation by a hair restoration specialists can give you a chance to have your most important questions answered by a trained physician, as well as potentially reveal underlying issues that may be contributing to your hair loss. Your hair restoration doctor can make an educated, custom recommendation for your particular case.

How Do You Know What Kind of Doctor is Best for You?

Did you know, there are almost a million doctors in the U.S.? There are several hundred different specialties. It is common for cosmetic surgeons and some dermatologists to perform hair restoration surgery, along with their chosen specialty. But, some doctors specialize in hair restoration and have built their practices around it. How should you decide on who is the best doctor for you?

What Kind of Clinic Should You Choose?

Some clinics are in a below-average price range, but have an assembly line feel. They may or may not treat you as a “sale” rather than a patient. If you’ve already been visiting clinics, you probably know exactly what this means. You may get the same procedure, but are they paying attention to you? If price really is the deal-breaker for you, this might be a good fit.

Some clinics have beautiful, palatial offices and surgical rooms and high prices to go with them. Not only are you treated as a patient, you may even feel like a celebrity. If you like to brag about how much you spent on something, this might be a good fit.

We fall somewhere in the middle. We are a small, boutique clinic with moderate pricing, but extremely high-end service. Our spa-like facility may not make you feel like a celebrity, but you will definitely feel at home. If you want personalized attention without paying a fortune, this might be a good fit.

What Should You Do?

There are all kinds of doctors at all kinds of clinics treating hair loss. You want to pick a doctor that will listen to you and answer your concerns. You want a clinic you will feel comfortable in. In the end, you need to not only do your research, but also follow your heart. We’d love it if your heart leads you to book a free consultation with our world-class hair restoration specialist. Call now or use our 24/7 booking app. See you soon!