What We Believe In

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What We Believe In

Our patient outcomes and relationships are based on experience, and are built on shared core values and beliefs. This formula is what drives our passion to be more than just a typical medical office offering hair restoration. It also embodies who we are. In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, sticking to our values as a private physician office and offering a unique patient experience. Our outcomes and patient loyalty are directly related to this environment of success.

We believe that medical decisions should be made between the patient and the physician and not from a sales teams. We also recognize the huge financial burdens that most of us face. That is why North Atlanta Hair Restoration provides fair pricing, total physician access and high quality modern medical care.  We are leaders in innovating techniques such as the Shave-less FUE, and Dr. Danyo is one of the only physicians in the United States doing the procedure.  50% of our patients are now undergoing the Shave-less FUE technique to allow for quicker return to work and social activities.  We became highly proficient in the technique by effectively communicating with our patients and determining what their needs were.

Hair loss does not have to be permanent! It takes dedication on both sides, from the physician and the patient alike to determine a treatment plan that is individualized, private and enduring.  Our goal is to maximize untapped potentials by developing a comprehensive plan committed to treating the whole person, while improving ones quality of life.

We are passionate about our unique approach and the impact we can have on our patients.