Where We Begin

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How It Works, and What to Expect

Your journey begins with an initial consultation.


You’ll have the chance to ask questions, as well as learn about the hair restoration options that are right for you – and their costs. You can self-schedule a private in-office consultation, or contact us to set up either your in-office or virtual consult.


You will talk with the doctor himself, not a salesperson. The consultation is complementary, and requires no further obligation on your part.


Convenient ‘virtual consults’ save you time.


We’ll show you how to join ‘Klara’, our secure and HIPAA-compliant online contact portal. There, you’ll fill out a form, and upload photos of your hair. Then we’ll set up your Skype-like meeting with the doctor.



What will happen at the consultation?


  • Your health and family history will be reviewed, a hair/scalp analysis will be done, and measurements will be made to determine, for example, the number of grafts needed. (In certain cases, a lab work-up may be needed to rule out specific hair-loss factors.)


  • If you’re seeking a transplant procedure, proposed frontal hairlines and crown reconstructions are drawn out on your head with an erasable marker, to provide a visual idea of final results. Photos are also taken to establish a baseline to measure progress.


  • You’ll discuss with Dr. Danyo the short-term and long-term goals, based on the type, degree and rate of balding. And then, together, you’ll set a plan to reach those goals.


  • If you’d like, we can provide costs for, say, a medium-size transplant as well as a large-size transplant, so you explore financing for both, before making a decision.

Armed with the facts, make the best decision for yourself.

In almost all cases, hair loss will continue until you decide to take positive action. A combination of medical management and surgical restoration offers the best chance to maintain what is still left, and restore what is lost.



What are the next steps?


Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll schedule your procedure, discuss payment (and any financing), and let you know what, if any, preparation is needed on your part. Need a ride to and from our office? We’ll be glad to arrange it. Need a hotel while you’re in town? Just ask.


We’ll also explain exactly what to expect during the procedure you have chosen, and answer any remaining questions.



What about afterward?


After a transplant procedure, we’ll provide written instructions for a quick recovery, give you topical solutions to help you heal, and schedule a follow-up visit to make sure your scalp remains healthy.


Depending on the procedure you’ve chosen, we’ll let you know how long it will take to see initial results, and full results. We’ll also plan to have you back to take pictures to show the progress. At that point, if you’re like others who have put their trust in North Atlanta Hair restoration, you’ll leave with a big smile on your face.

The first step is up to you.

Get back your hair and the confidence of knowing you look your best.



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