Why Don't Women Fix Thinning Hair?

Girl sitting on the left side holding a cup. With text. * YOU ARE PERFECT AS-IS*

First of all, let me say you are beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need fixing. You aren’t broken because your hair is thinning. If you are happy with your hair, I don’t want to shame you or make you feel less than. This article is for women who aren’t happy with their hair, but haven’t taken measures to remedy that. Hair loss can be devastating to anyone, but the social stigma surrounding female hair loss prevents many from talking about it, or seeking help. The situation is compounded further by beauty standards that can lead to using damaging chemicals or wearing too-tight hairstyles.

Hair Restoration Isn’t Just for Men

Many women don’t even know that hair restoration is even an option. There is so little talk about the subject, they don’t even know what is possible. Maybe, they think that to have a hair transplant, they need to get their head shaved. That used to be the case, not anymore. North Atlanta Hair Restoration is one of a select group of clinics offering Shave-less FUE. It is a type of hair transplant that does NOT require you to shave portions of your head. Each follicle unit is individually harvested and planted…around your existing hair. The last thing you want when your hair is thinning, is to have to shave.

Hair Restoration Can be Affordable

Since most insurances don’t cover hair restoration, many women believe that the out-of-pocket expense would be insurmountable. With our patient-financing options, our state-of-the-art procedures can fit into almost any budget. While hair transplants are our most popular procedure, we offer a select variety of non-surgical hair restoration options, including PRP and Laser Light Therapy. These are often less expensive steps on the hair restoration journey. Wherever you are on your journey, we’d love to help you take the next step.