Why is it hard for high-performers to focus on their needs?


Why is it hard for high-performers to focus on their own needs?

High performing individuals are exceptional assets to any team environment. They generally lead others towards goals and encourage others to work to their best with their dedication and intensity. It can be hard for those who provide exceptional and intense performance in the work-related areas of their lives to find balance with their personal needs.

Why high-performers struggle to focus on themselves

Those who excel and perform highly in their work can be workaholics. While they may thrive on constant intense work, the stress this puts them under can become a vicious cycle of always desiring to excel further. This thought pattern can resemble obsession and can lead to a singular focus on work and neglect of personal self-care and maintaining a healthy self and personal life. It is easy for those who perform highly in their work duties to dwell on work while not on the clock. Their natural aptitude and excellent work ethic can bleed into their personal lives and make it hard to wind down and separate the personal from the professional.

The importance of self-care

While stepping away from high-performance pursuits may feel unnatural and difficult, it is an essential part of maintaining personal health and mental wellness. Without a proper work-life balance, the stress of constant high-performance work can become taxing and weigh heavily on personal relationships and health. Taking the time to indulge in enjoyable activities away from work and life’s luxuries can lead to more focused and excellent work.

Making time for yourself,

There are several ways that make it easy to take time for yourself and engage in stress relief and self-care. These can range from the quick and inexpensive to the intensive and luxurious. These methods include:

  • Going to a movie with friends
  • Cooking a healthy dinner with family
  • Practicing mindfulness techniques
  • Getting a massage
  • Practicing yoga
  • Exercising
  • Learning a new skill or hobby
  • Stepping away from technology for an hour a day
  • Reading a novel
  • Creating art
  • Taking a day trip
  • Vacationing somewhere new and exciting
  • Indulging in a romantic evening

Taking the time to step away from work and focus on something enjoyable and fun can help to decompress from work-related stress and provides an improvement in work and life balance. The juggling act of high performance work while maintaining a rich personal life can require some effort, but the rewards are invaluable.

The balancing act

Finding your own personal balance between dedicated work and personal enjoyment takes practice, but can prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. Indulge in what you enjoy, step away from the office, and remind yourself to live in the moment and a natural balance will present itself. High-performance work does not have to mean your personal life and self must suffer, instead, it can lend itself to a richer, more enjoyable life all around.