Why it is vital for an experienced Physician to perform your hair transplantation?


Elite professional athletes train harder to earn the status of being the best in their sport. Though many possess a higher athletic ability, most achieve greatness by maximizing the intensity, frequency and duration of physical and mental exercise to make them special. This is also true for physicians dedicated to hair restoration who are totally involved in each case, let alone with each graft.

I am proud to state to my patients that for the last seven years, I have personally extracted and placed every graft on every patient – that graft count now exceeds well over one million. During this time, I personally experienced the physical and mental demands of providing such a service. Frequently, these cases were long and intense, and at times complicated. I learned from each case and harnessed the history of my medical training to streamline my approach to become an elite hair restoration physician.

Unfortunately, many hair restoration providers and clinics defer most if not all critical portions of the hair transplantation evaluation and procedure to unlicensed technicians. This practice is outlawed in many states, but frequently continues, often placing physician and clinic owners at significant risk. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) currently has a task force tackling this issue and is a good reference for those seeking a provider – ishrs.org. They strongly condemn this practice and affirm that direct physician involvement in all patient evaluations, graft harvesting and placement is required to ensure safety and results.

It is important to realize that an unlicensed technician does not have the foundation to make the hair transplantation procedure optimally safe, while optimizing results. On the other hand, a physician undergoes rigorous training and has unique clinical experience- medical school, internship, residency/fellowship, private practice, continuing medical education requirements and ethics unique to being a physician to create the right environment and optimal care.

If you are currently looking for a hair restoration practice for hair transplantation, get in touch. We not only provide total physician involvement, but also specialize in a “Shave-less” procedure to maximally conceal recovery.