Why Sharp Needle Pen Implanters? Part 1

Picture of an animated woman. With a text*WHAT MAKES OUR CLINIC DIFFERENY?*WHY PEN IMPLANTERS?*

There are many different types of procedures and techniques used to achieve hair restoration.  Hair doctors and their staff decide what is the best technique for their clinic’s team and skill level. We at North Atlanta Hair Restoration use the Shave-less FUE technique, with SmartGraft technology.

As of this writing, our clinic is the only one in the world offering this procedure. We think that in the near future, this will be considered the gold standard of hair restoration. The sharp needle pen implanter is one of the most important pieces of the Shave-less FUE/SmartGraft combination.

What makes the Shave-less FUE/SmartGraft combination so effective?

  1. Doctor places all grafts

    – In traditional FUE procedures, a surgeon would make incisions in the scalp. A technician would then come behind the doctor and make the implantation with a dull needle pen implanter. With sharp needle pen implanters, only a doctor is allowed to perform the procedure. The ensures the highest qualified personnel are placing the grafts.

  2. Stick and Place

    – Instead of the two step procedure of making an incision and then placing the graft, with the sharp needle pen implanter, the doctor can insert the graft with one motion. This reduces fatigue in the doctor and patient, thereby allowing more grafts to be placed in one sitting.

  3. Minimal manipulation of bulb

    –With the SmartGraft machine, our doctor can harvest the follicle with the pen. This is the FUE (follicular unit extraction) part of the procedure. It is stored in the machine and retrieved and loaded into the sharp needle pen implanter when implantation is occurring. This happens without our doctor, or his technician, having to touch the bulbs.

  4. Better yield

    – The minimal manipulation gives us the ability to deliver high implantation success without the downside of scarring. The more the follicles are handled, the greater the likelihood that there will be some damage. Every follicle is a precious asset that we want to protect. The type of pen implanter we are using allows us to do just that.

These are only a few of the reasons we’ve chosen the Shave-less FUE/SmartGraft combination. Next week, we will address more reasons why North Atlanta Hair restoration uses this technique, and go more deeply into why we have chosen the Shave-less FUE option. In the meantime, if you would like more information about our clinic, give us a call and we can schedule a consultation and tour.