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Alopecia affects millions of women in the United States and many more are affected by hair thinning. Hair loss is especially devastating to women who feel that there are few options and the consequences are permanent. Studies support that when given the choice between other conditions such as wrinkles, obesity, skin changes, etc., most women place balding on the bottom of the list. The good news is that over the last 10 years dramatic breakthroughs are now available to treat alopecia and hair thinning conditions in women. At North Atlanta Hair Restoration, we are excited to offer these new treatment options.


It is important to first recognize that female balding is very different from male pattern balding and needs to be treated and evaluated in a more specialized and individualized manner. Though the most common form of female pattern balding is related to the effects of DHT, there could be other medical conditions that could be contributing. This includes hormonal changes, anemia, thyroid dysfunction, skin conditions and other ailments that place women at a greater risk for atypical hair loss and thinning. As a result, women must have a comprehensive medical work-up to determine if there are treatable conditions that could have a beneficial impact. The medical work up may include Complete Blood Count (CBC), Thyroid Function Tests and Dermatology evaluation, but further work-up may be required.


If the medical work-up is negative, then it can be safely assumed that the balding condition is likely related to the effects of DHT on the hair follicle, especially if there is a strong family history in close family members-mother, sister(s) and grandmother(s).


Female pattern balding changes are quite different than the male pattern. Typically, the hairline is preserved, but a progressive thinning in a dumbbell pattern is noted behind the hairline and may progress to the crown. Total hair loss is not common, but thinning and miniaturization are. There can also be more diffuse hair thinning throughout the entire head compared to men who often have thick hair on the sides and back of the head, despite significant hair loss on top.


North Atlanta Hair Restoration is excited to provide two recent nonsurgical advances to improve hair loss and density. This includes Laser Light Therapy that was FDA approved to be used in women in 2009 and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection therapy. Preliminary studies for both treatments are showing promising results and are currently being completed. Both therapies are safe and may be extremely effective, though results may vary.


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