Would You Get Hair Restoration if Nobody Knew

Middle view of man with quiet poseture

Hair restoration can be a difficult subject to talk about, especially when you’d rather not talk about it, at all. Unfortunately, after a traditional hair transplant, which involves shaving, or even visible scarring, concerned friends and family will normally ask questions. “Are you ok?” “What happened?” and even, “Do you have cancer?” are a few of the uncomfortable questions patients have to endure when returning to social and work activities. Nobody wants to deal with that. With Shaveless Fue (follicular unit extraction) doctors restore normal hair growth with minimal invasion to the scalp, allowing their client to maintain privacy and continue normal social interactions. Nobody needs to know there has been a hair transplant, unless they were told or they notice your new hair.

Nobody Needs to Know

Our doctor will carefully remove each follicle unit from areas around the scalp, and expertly re-implant them into areas of the scalp that are no longer producing healthy hair. There is minimal scarring from the follicle removal and transplant to the scalp. The procedure is accomplished while the patient is awake, and the scalp is numbed in the areas where the procedure takes place. There are no stitches to worry about, and only a small amount of recovery time will be needed after the procedure. Many people regain normal activities with just a few days of relaxation.

Be Back to Your Life Sooner

Using the methods of Shaveless Fue, a more permanent hair restoration is realized within a six to twelve-month period. The process takes twelve to eighteen months to see the full result of hair growth from the procedure. The growth cycle of normal hair goes through stages that take time to normalize. Because the procedure is so discreet, your friends probably won’t even notice anything has happened until much later, when the results are undeniable. Would you get hair restoration if nobody needed to know? If so, give us a call, or book an appointment now and let us show you what is possible.