Your Hair and Food

Your Hair and Food


A head full of luxurious hair is the desire of millions of people who suffer from the hair loss. The loss of hair can have devastating effects on men, as well as women. Prevention is always best. Stop the hair loss before it begins. Good food has a correlation to healthy hair. Scientists have found that eating the right foods may help promote healthy, shiny, strong hair. Many of these foods are common to everyday meals, and a regular diet. The results of a healthy diet do not happen overnight. It is a process that occurs over the years.


Many people are aware of the effects that the fatty acids from fish have on the body. It is particularly applicable to hair. Fish like salmon and mackerel gives hair its natural shine and luster. Dark green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, have the vitamin A that keeps hair from becoming brittle. Greek Yogurt, which is filled with protein, aids in stimulating the blood flow to the scalp. Cinnamon is also good for scalp circulation. All of the pastas, cereals and grains that are consumed provide much needed proteins to further aid in hair loss prevention. Eggs are a common breakfast food, but are also used as ingredients in many other dishes. The protein and iron derived from this basic food helps the hair to grow.


Care should be given to the hair starting at a young age, especially if there is a family history of baldness, thinning, or hair fall out. Taking the preventative measure of healthy eating needs to be a life long commitment. Diet and food play important roles in the body’s ability to function properly, including the promotion of strong, healthy hair. A doctor should be seen for any hair loss, especially significant amounts. Some hair loss is hereditary, and in men, male pattern baldness may be present. Start children off the right way. Developing a healthy palate begins immediately. But, it is never too late to start.