Afternoon PRP

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by Tom Tortorici

Do Something For Your Thinning Hair, With Afternoon PRP

It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s your secret.

Get some work done in the morning, then come by during lunch, or after lunch, for this increasingly popular alternative to surgical hair restoration.

More and more professionals, both men and women, are discovering that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are perfect for busy people. They only take an hour or so, with no ‘recovery period.’

That means you can go back the to the work the next day – or the same day if you wish – with no tell-tale signs of what you’ve been up to. Or, after your session, you can just go out and treat yourself to a double-shot espresso. Why not?

How does PRP work?

Natural healing and growth factors from your own blood are injected just below the skin on your scalp. This helps revitalize dormant hair follicles, stimulating stronger growth. PRP also helps thicken wispy hair shafts.

After it’s grown in, the added hair volume reduces scalp show-through. After all, you don’t want to see your scalp, and you probably don’t want anyone else to.

How often does the procedure need to be repeated?

Normally, every three months. But for today’s busy schedules, Dr. Danyo has perfected a ‘Super PRP’ concentrate, so now you only need to stop by every 18-24 months.

Learn more about PRP treatments, including who PRP is best for, what the procedure is like, and typical results. Also find out why PRP is perfect for those who prefer to conceal their hair restoration from colleagues and acquaintances.

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Your first step: plan a few minutes to talk with staff about PRP goals, options and costs. You’ll find out what to expect, and have a chance to ask any questions. Then if you like, you can schedule your first session, weekdays starting as late as 3 pm.